Values ​​citizens,
At the 27. October, regional elections. As a direct candidate for the city of Nordhausen I was nominated in March for the election of the Thuringian State Parliament. With this page I want to give you an opportunity, zulernen me closer to know and to learn, what topics I stand.

To my person
I, Steffen Iffland, bin 1972 Born in Nordhausen. Of 1979 to 1989 I visited the POS Albert Kuntz in Nordhausen-Salza. After that I started an apprenticeship as a machine- and plant fitter with specialization engine, which I touch with 2 graduated.
In the wake of reunification 1990, the armed forces were reduced, so I opted for the civil service.
During my community service at the St John's Ambulance, I made in Muenster training as a paramedic. In this interesting profession I worked until 1994. After an instructive work in construction, I would 1995 Employees at a reputable funeral home in Nordhausen.
financially secure, I did 1998 my hobby “Genealogy” to the job. A year later it was extended with a Publisher. Last year I could commit my 20-year anniversary.

1994 I met my wife, that I 2004 marry. Two years later, our daughter was born. Without the support of my family, my commitment would not be possible.

Association and voluntary work
Since my youth, I am interested in the region and its history. 1998 I was a member of the club and home Salzaer 1999 elected as its Chairman. The Union, consisting of the citizens- and Gewerbeverein Salza emerged, is to support the purpose of the writing of history and home care in the city. For years, the association is actively involved with its members in the care of Salza source.
I am a member in Nordhausen antiquity- and Historical Society as well as the development association Museum Tabakspeicher.

As Northern Homes “Knätscher” I criticized some developments in this city. But Knätschen alone does not help. So I was 2009, 2014 and 2019 you, the citizens, in the City Council and 2014 and 2019 chosen in the Kreistag. For this my thanks, that you have given me your trust.

As an outsider, I was by the members of the group first as Deputy, later in my 2. Legislature elected Group Chairman. In this role, I may also lead the newly elected group.

As a councilor I was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Friedrich Christian Lesser Foundation and thus the only Nordhäuser representatives in this venerable Foundation.
Annual 2012 I was appointed CFO appointed to the Foundation Stoye.

The volunteer work can be a broad insight into the actions and development of this region, what causes a good link with citizens of this city and therefore a “basic knowledge” generated.

Nordhausen.Stark.Machen | Topics

Unsere Heimatstadt Nordhausen blickt auf eine über 1090-jährige Geschichte zurück. Ob als Freie Reichsstadt oder als Hansestadt oder in jüngerer Geschichte als Kreisstadtwir können gemeinsam stolz auf die Geschichte unserer Heimatstadt sein.

Und die Nordhäuserinnen und Nordhäuser können selbstbewusst auf die Entwicklung unserer Heimatstadt nach der friedlichen Revolution 1989 blicken.

Die Umgestaltungsprozesse, insbesondere in den zurückliegenden drei Jahrzehnten, haben allen Menschen unserer Heimatstadt ein großes Maß an Veränderungs-bereitschaft, an Verzicht, an Verantwortung abverlangt.

Es haben sich aber auch für den Einzelnen wie für unsere gesamte Stadt, Chancen und Entwicklungspotenziale eröffnet, the Nordhausen one have laid the foundation for a vibrant and very positive development.

This is first and foremost to the citizens and gutters Citizens of our hometown Nordhausen and its districts. We owe all Nordhäuser Interior and North houses at this point a "big thank you".

We as Christian Democratic Union, this trend of recent 30 years committed and influential helped shape. And we want this in the next Years doing all out for our Nordhausen.

We want to encourage people, in the bring decisions of the next few years, shaping and to fight together for the greatest city in the southern Harz.

economy & infrastructure

  • Reduction of basic- and trade tax
  • Finally setting up a company in the industrial area "Goldene Aue"
  • for creating good settlement conditions (Recruiting skilled employees, live, We, school)
  • Rehabilitating roads, ahead paths and bridges with System
  • public procurement remain in the region
  • Contacts between companies and city with fixed contacts and thus better involvement / knowledge transfer between public administration and business
  • a new culture of participation for small- develop and micro enterprises
  • Strengthening of craft industries, for example, by supporting educational cooperation between industry and schools
  • excellent connections by public transport to school and training companies (timing vs. class time)

urban development & mobility

  • develop Old Town (Altendorfer Kirch quarter, darkly, New way, etc.)
  • Cheap land for young families or. For barrier-free living
  • Expulsion of high-quality apartment building areas
  • Traffic development of the city with a new mobility concept updating
  • optimize traffic management, basis for create cycle planning
  • Parking for cars and bicycles / E-Bikes, Establishment of P&R - parking and appropriate timing of Connection taking into account offers the web
  • Development of Blasii church square under Inclusion of Barfüßerstraße as an important location for catering, trade and housing
  • Free stumbling and well paved walkways with lowered curbs
  • Flatrate public transport 9,99 Euro (unter 18 Jahre) or. 19,99 Euro (Adults) per month

education& Sport

  • Design efficient schools – none school closure
  • promote digitization at schools
  • Erhalt der Vielfalt an Schulangeboten durch die Unterstützung freier Träger in allgemein- und berufsbildenden Schulen
  • Stärkung der Sportvereine durch gute Trainings- und Wettkampfbedingungen (Sportstätten Fußball-Vereine)
  • Weiterführung der baulichen Instandsetzung und Sanierung der Sportstätten (Werther-Halle, Hohekreuzsportplatz, etc.)  
  • Neubau eines Freibades für die Bürger der Stadt Nordhausen
  • Neubau einer Multifunktionshalle für Indoor-Sport
  • Dauerhafte vertragliche Förderung des KSB
  • Einführung Sportgutschein für Kinder im Kindergarten und in der Grundschule
  • Förderung der Jugendkunstschule und des Kinderzirkus Zappelini

family & Soziales & Gesundheit

  • stabile ärztliche Versorgung auch in den Ortsteilen
  • Bedarfsgerechte Bereitstellung von Krippen-und Kindergartenplätzen
  • Modernes, unified online portal for parents Choosing a daycare place
  • Free lunch for all children in daycare and elementary school
  • Creating affordable housing for young Familys
  • Construction intergenerational Ideas / "Young learn from old "/ creating opportunities for intergenerational living
  • Creation of playgrounds in combination with handicapped toilets
  • Implementation of the employment obligation People with disabilities in local companies
  • Contractual promote "Nordhäuser blackboard"

order & safety

  • Increasing the police presence by a city guard for preventive safety of citizens
  • Expansion and strengthening of cooperation and networking of police- and Health and Safety, joint strip in the urban area
  • Perceptible presence of police and public order office around the clock
  • Video monitoring safety-related places including public transport
  • Sanctioning illegal garbage bins
  • Fire safety upgrading of schools, Cultural facilities and public buildings in the city and the districts
  • Digital radio the fire service as standard, good facilities for comrades
  • Strengthening the volunteer fire departments of the districts as the backbone of Nordhäuser Fire Service / Wi-Fi in guards

districts & Tradition

  • Development of districts with wheel, Wander- and riding trails, while using the existing economic- and Local connection paths / Tourist expulsion and marketing
  • Commercial space development in the districts
  • Receipt of the village community- and club houses as a center of cultural work in the districts / device with Wi-Fi
  • Sufficient culture means to strengthen the cultural life
  • Promotion of home - and sports clubs and thus obtaining an offer for children and adolescents / promotion of Customs in the districts
  • Noise protection for the villages along the highway
  • game- and sports grounds in all districts
  • Salza and Krimderode be re-districts

Culture & tourism

  • Creating recreational opportunities for all generations (BBQ areas, Trimm- Trail, etc.)
  • evolve Park Hohenrode
  • Benches and Verweilmöglichkeiten throughout create urban area
  • Demand-museum concept for the city Nordhausen
  • Involvement and support of the IFA-Museum
  • Nordhausen as the site of a Thuringian Industrial Museum
  • Realization of a modern theater renovation
  • Strengthening regional ties
  • Tourism Concept for the city of Nordhausen
  • Wireless -Spots in the urban area (z.Bsp. Stadtpark) set up

Recent years have been marked by a strict austerity plan, which also led to tax increases, which was imposed on us by the state of Thuringia.

Despite this austerity, we have succeeded, to make important investments in schools and sports fields, See Rule School Lessing or elementary school Albert-Kuntz in Salza. Even the Albert-Kuntz-Sportpark received investments. The artificial turf was outdated and created a new lawn, which are used by various associations of the city.

urban development
– a better economic development for Northern Housing Company
– Expulsion of residential areas, so that families, in which a Nordhausen
find work, can pull in a timely manner.
– Again development gaps and streets, which Historic buildings

Strong districts in Nordhausen
Nordhausen has since 1950 seventeen neighboring villages and communities amalgamated, which in the present structure thirteen local- and two districts give. Circa 20 Percent of Nordhäuser population lives in the villages. However, the introduced area is more than twice as large as the former city of Nordhausen. So that the districts are the pillars of this city.

In recent years much has been invested in the districts, However, the investment backlog in various fields is still very high, but who have a different focus from place to place.