Coat of arms

What to look for in a family crest?

The new coat of arms will be especially useful, d.h. The new coat of arms should have some important content for all subsequent generations. The first is to – as far as possible – Tree and its special show and document the same origin and the regions of the ancestors.

One speaks of „speaking crest“, when the icon representing the family name (e.g.. Wolf family and the shield of the family crest is a wolf, etc.). It is of course, that new arms are presented artistically and authentically and must comply with the heraldic rules. The art lies in the clear design; simple shield shape and content have a simple sign of appreciation for good Heraldry.

Heraldry is an art, she has a unique style and their own laws regarding color choice and composition of figures.

The components of a coat of arms:

Important component of a coat of arms is the shield. Only shown in a plate image can be addressed as the emblem. Throughout history, changed the shape of the shield called the. Norman sign above the triangular shape, tartschenförmigen the shield and the baroque cartouche to the currently used, below semicircular Buckler. At the plate images distinguishes the heraldry between two large clusters, the „Herold images“ and the „common figures“.

Another part of the emblem is the helmet with his heraldic jewelry, the crest and the helmet covers. Civil emblem used exclusively the piercing helmet.

Our offer:

You have the option, design for your family to have a coat of arms, which reflects the history of your ancestors. The coat of arms is created for you by a heraldic and registered in the German coat of arms role. You will receive a letter and crest upon request a framed picture of your flag.

Prices and Services:

For the making of the emblem, the registration of the emblem in the coat of arms and the role of nobility in, which is bound in elegant dark blue linen, and which identifies you as the founder of the emblem, will 480Euro charged. The picture of your arms into the arms role in black and white.