Paradise in the city:


An unknown German cultural history of a special kind | The history of the Nordhusia 1877 until the beginning of the 1970s in the context of the World Association of All Schlaraffia

To the shop! This book is also intended to serve as a reminder of the culturally oriented men's association Schlaraffia Nordhusia and its history as part of the cultural history of the city of Nordhausen. At the same time, it is intended to counteract some prejudices, which are still preserved in many minds today via the Cockaigne Association. One of the widespread prejudices is the narrative presented as an accusation, that Schlaraffia is a secret society a la Freemasons. The association was never connected to Freemasonry, either spiritually or organizationally. This statement is not invalidated by this, that Cockaigne as individuals were also members of Masonic lodges, especially since such membership per se does not represent anything honorable. Read more

Historischer Kalender Nordhausen 2024


Steffen Iffland has been publishing since 25 Years of books and calendars on Nordhausen's local history. Of the historical calendars is the hit.

“The historical calendar is running like crazy”,

says Steffen Iffland happily. The publisher already has 500 Copies of the popular calendar with historical images from Nordhausen sold. “It actually runs well every year”, reports the Salza resident, who has been doing the year's work since 1999 has on offer. Read more

Band 48 the yellow row


Digital review of the new one „Yellow series“

The Nordhäuser history- and antiquity association and the city archives have the in December 48. Band of „Yellow series“ published on the history of the region. There are now a few extras available online…

From now on it is 48. Volume in the regional bookstores and at the publisher Steffen Iffland for 20,00 Euro erhältlich. To supplement the printed essays, images are now available on the History homepage- and antiquity association a digital repository.
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Band 47 Amber series published


freshly printed

The Nordhausen history- and Antiquity Society and the City Archives are again publishing a volume in the book series "Contributions to the History of the City and District of Nordhausen" this year. From now on it is 47. Volume in the regional bookstores and at the publisher Steffen Iffland for 20 Euro erhältlich. To good 185 Pages comes from the volume with eleven topics 14. century up to this 21. Century. To the shop



Report of an abused child.

God created mothers
“God cannot be everywhere, therefore he created the mothers.”

Rarely laughed so much. I've heard this quote many times - and it makes me nauseous on a regular basis. When I'm having a good day, and over the years they have increased significantly, I can wave away with a tired smile. On less good days, the past still comes frighteningly close to me. taunts me, makes it sometimes, to put a stranglehold on me.

Then I panic, feel mortal. Now, That comes, as said, not so common anymore. Nevertheless, in these moments I feel like the child again, that I once was, but I haven't been for a long time: delivered, unloved, alone. Read more

The child's life is a game:


Friedrich Froebel's play education today for kindergarten, School and family bound Output in 2 Volumes by Matthias Brodbeck

Introductory words to the book
Hardly any other educator has been and is so strongly associated with early childhood education and upbringing, like Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel. That is not surprising, it was he, which made it clear with the establishment of the first kindergarten, that early childhood is a very meaningful phase in individual development. Read more

Heeres-Munitionsanstalt Ludwigshall Wolkramshausen


The overall history of the shaft „Ludwigshall“ Wolkramshausen with the explosives disaster in the year 1942 with 145 Fatalities

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At the 29. July 1942 occurred in the underground army ammunition facility Wolkramshausen near Nordhausen in 660 Meters deep, a major explosion, the least 145 most of the forced laborers there had lost their lives.

Cover of the publication

In the GDR era only very little information was available about this. Contemporary witnesses did not report; they would have voluntarily revealed it, that they once worked in a secret ammunition factory of the fascist armed forces, in which large-caliber projectile ammunition had been produced in large quantities, the soldiers and civilians of the victorious Allied powers had brought death.

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The bombing of Nordhausen part I.


A contemporary witness report by Heinz Eiling, Jg 1931

In Nordhausen the air raids on Nordhausen were made before these days 75 Years ago, at them 8800 People lost their lives and the city too 75 Percent was destroyed.

I like the 3. and 4. April 1945 experienced in Nordhausen!

If I do today, 75 Years after the heavy bombing days on Nordhausen write down my own experiences, then with the intention, to preserve and remind future generations of this inferno, that something like that doesn't happen again.

I still remember very well, like me as 13 year old boy on 3. April by the Tennecker company & Summer in the Long Street in a handcart fetched a sack of coal and against 16 O'clock the first bomb attack began. Already arrived on the Frauenberg, I had to find shelter in a house, when bombs detonated in Neustadtstrasse and other places. After the attack I hurried home to Petersberg, looked after my mother, who hugged me and was happy, that nothing had happened to me.

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Sagittarius ass in the last term


Sagittarius ass in the last term. An unvarnished experience report of a 17 year old soldier in the II. World war
Barracks-war-Russian POW 1943-1945 Werner King.

Auch 75 Years after the events continues unabated demand. The author was called to his teaching the Wehrmacht. He describes vividly his experiences, finding new friends and losing comrades. His escape from the Russians, die Verwundung und Überführung in ein Lazarett. His wound and his young age led to probably, that Werner King was spared a long captivity.

Good three years took the printing, not the revision, it was rather the author's short nights, upon it by about 60 Over and over again for years. He has long not talked a lot about his life, but he would write down his experiences and knowledge as a warning, so that never again „children“ sent to war and thus to „Sagittarius ass in the last term“ will.
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Fröbel's educational valley: story (n) his school in Keilhau

This book gives an insight into Fröbel's pedagogy and the historical background of the place of learning Keilhau. The author uses historical documents and describes the special atmosphere of the "Froebel educational institution" with personal anecdotes and his own thoughts.. In doing so, he shows the importance of 200 Years of knowledge and experience gained for today.

Dr. Matthias Brodbeck, as a friend and companion of our institution, plays a major role in the further conceptual development and maintenance of Friedrich Fröbel's historical legacy at the Keilhau site. It fills us with pride and gratitude, to be able to give this book to a wide readership. On the one hand, it should arouse curiosity, to get to know our school and how it implements Fröbel's ideas. On the other hand, it can remind of an encounter or eventful school days in Keilhau. The book is a tribute to teaching and learning in the community of children, Young people and adults in our "educational valley". You can order the book here.