On the trail of Count I, Elger.

History need not be boring,,de,even if it was already repeatedly lit,,de,Again and again replaced by new,,de,some startling findings,,de,so also in a book by Lothar Köstner entitled Following in the footsteps of Count Elger I,,de,A short trail leads from Ilfeld up to Castle Hill,,de,on the order,,de,the Ilgerburg was built,,de,Many legends have grown up around the builder,,de,Graf Elger I.,,en,Thus, in a,,de,r legend says,,de,that there had been between the count Elger of Ilfeld and Christian von Rothenburg an inheritance dispute with Count Konrad von Beichlingen,,de,where the Beichlinger was killed,,de,In expiation of murder should Elger I,,de,have donated a "Eternal Lamp",,de,that has stood at the output of Behre valley on a stone pillar,,de, auch wenn sie schon mehrfach beleuchtet wurde. Denn immer wieder treten neue, teilweise verblüffende Erkenntnisse auf, so auch in einem Buch von Lothar Köstner mit dem Titel Auf den Spuren des Grafen Elger I.

Ein kurzer Wanderweg führt von Ilfeld hinauf zum Burgberg, auf dem um 1100 die Ilgerburg erbaut wurde. Viele Sagen ranken sich um den Erbauer, Graf Elger I.. Read more

Of the county to the district Nordhausen Hohnstein

At the 12. December 1999 marked the 300. Anniversary of the day, where the county Hohenstein was ceded to the State of Brandenburg. This date should be memorable occasion, a short historical sketch of the county Hohenstein, the later district Nordhausen, to give, with particular attention being paid to the period after the Thirty Years War to the inclusion of the county Hohenstein at the Brandenburg Electorate. Read more