Historischer Kalender Nordhausen 2024

Steffen Iffland has been publishing since 25 Years of books and calendars on Nordhausen's local history. Of the historical calendars is the hit.

“The historical calendar is running like crazy”,

says Steffen Iffland happily. The publisher already has 500 Copies of the popular calendar with historical images from Nordhausen sold. “It actually runs well every year”, reports the Salza resident, who has been doing the year's work since 1999 has on offer.

A year earlier, the Nordhäuser Steffen Iffland met 1998 his dream and registered his business. “First I did genealogy research, later his own publishing house followed.”, he looks on the occasion of his 25. anniversary back. He has always been interested in local history and primarily researches the history of his home village of Salza.

“At that time there was only the yellow series with articles on the history of the city and the district of Nordhausen”, he remembers. Bookseller Dietrich Rose gave him the tip, Try it with calendars about local history. And this one turned out to be spot on.

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