Performance Overview

We take your call nationwide and archival research, the data collected in the form of a pedigree, a family tree or a descendant table passed to you.

Of course, do not have the required data are available in the above forms. You can receive only the retrieved data for further processing personal.

We travel to you in the places of origin of your ancestors, research data from the church records and archives, have drawn up a historical overview of the origin (Local Research) and customize images or. Video footage of the towns along.

You have to have the ability to design register yourself or your family coat of arms and. This emblem is specifically created for your family history and registered in a Wappenrolle. You should already be in possession of a family crest, which is not registered or whose history is not known, we assume for the examination of the emblem and the registration.

If you are in possession of old certificates or other documents, whose letters you can not read, we assume for the copy of these documents (Transskription).

If you have questions about our services, We will be happy to give information.