Terms and conditions

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Business, Lieferung- and payment

I. Scope

  • 1. The Contractor carries out all orders received from the principal only on the following conditions, even if the order has only been provided orally. Different rules must be in writing.
  • 2. These terms and conditions are by placing an order, but no later recognized with the receipt of the goods.
  • 3. The Contractor reserves the right to, to let execute orders accepted or parts thereof in foreign operations.
  • 4. This business-, Lieferung- and payment shall also apply to all future business, even if they are not expressly agreed again. Confirmations of the authority having regard to its business- or. Purchasing conditions are hereby rejected.

II. Quid pro quo

  • 1. The stated in the offer of the contractor rates are subject to, that the tender underlying order data remain unchanged. The prices of the Contractor not include tax, quoted ex works and do not include packaging, Freight, Port, Insurance and other costs of dispatch.
  • 2. Packaging material is calculated at cost price plus VAT.
  • 3. Subsequent changes requested by the client, including any resulting machine downtimes are charged to the customer. Subsequent changes also repeated specimen shall, required by the customer due to minor deviation of Probeandrucke of the template.
  • 4. Sketches, Designs, Probesatz, Samples and similar preparations, that are ordered by the Customer, be calculated, even if the contract is canceled or not issued.
  • 5. Exceeds the processing of an order of the period 3 Months, then the Contractor shall be entitled, adjust the order underlying prices so far, as the calculation of the underlying cost (Wage, Salary, Material- and general business costs) have increased.
  • 6. Be provided by the client films and proofs, they should in terms of quality assurance in accordance with the Fogra standardization concept (Technical Guidelines offset reproductions, Bundesverband Druck e. V., Art.-Nr. 86201 sowie Art.-Nr. 86435) be created. The proofs should be printed also stood just and on press paper.
  • 8. Obvious errors in offers, also write- and calculation errors, are not binding.

III. Invoicing and Payment

  • 1. The payment (Net price plus VAT) is within 30 To afford calendar days of the invoice date. Payment within 10 Calendar days after the invoice date provided the Contractor 2% Discount on the invoice amount, however, unless stated in the invoice, not at the expense of freight, Port, Insurance or other shipping costs. The invoice will be issued on the day of delivery, Partial delivery or readiness (in the case of collectable debt or. Default of acceptance) exposed. Payment periods run from the date of invoice. Exchange shall be accepted only by special arrangement and as payment without cash discount. Discounts and expenses borne by the customer. They are paid by the applicant immediately. For the timely presentation, Protest, Notification and return of a dishonored bill is not liable, the Contractor, unless it or its vicarious agents have acted with intent or gross negligence.
  • 2. When providing exceptionally large paper- and carton quantities, special materials or inputs may be required for this advance.
  • 3. The customer may only offset undisputed or legally established claims.