Paradise in the city:

An unknown German cultural history of a special kind | The history of the Nordhusia 1877 until the beginning of the 1970s in the context of the World Association of All Schlaraffia

To the shop! This book is also intended to serve as a reminder of the culturally oriented men's association Schlaraffia Nordhusia and its history as part of the cultural history of the city of Nordhausen. At the same time, it is intended to counteract some prejudices, which are still preserved in many minds today via the Cockaigne Association. One of the widespread prejudices is the narrative presented as an accusation, that Schlaraffia is a secret society a la Freemasons. The association was never connected to Freemasonry, either spiritually or organizationally. This statement is not invalidated by this, that Cockaigne as individuals were also members of Masonic lodges, especially since such membership per se does not represent anything honorable.Freemasons have committed no crimes, in contrast to their opponents pursuing them, for example, German fascists of all stripes. With regard to prejudices, this book can also be used to counteract the assumption, according to which Schlaraffia is a misogynistic men's club, in which old men would indulge in patriarchal behavior anchored in the previous century. Apart from this, that the wives or. Life partners of the Cockaignes - there are also younger men among them - just smile wearily at such statements that are characterized by ignorance of the facts, is mentioned, that Schlaraffia is correctly generally perceived as a men's club, In fact, its members maintain a lively club life with their wives and children. Numerous reports and images from the municipal association Nordhusia bear witness to this. This part of the club's life is also anchored in the statutes of the Allschlaraffia World Association. While the men come together weekly in the winter months - just like women gather in their own circles and therefore no one comes up with the idea, to describe them as anti-men –, Numerous events take place in the summer months, in which the partners and often even many families as a whole take part. That the book could even be created, results primarily from the wishes of Nordhausen's citizens, who, among other things, were involved in the aforementioned plaque unveiling. The idea was expressed then, to obtain detailed information about the founding and decades-long work of the Schlaraffen-Reyches Nordhusia as well as about those citizens, who were dedicated to her. Especially since it was possible to mediate back then, that the Nordhusia spread its cultural essence beyond the city limits.

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