The bombing of Nordhausen part I.


A contemporary witness report by Heinz Eiling, Jg 1931

In Nordhausen the air raids on Nordhausen were made before these days 75 Years ago, at them 8800 People lost their lives and the city too 75 Percent was destroyed.

I like the 3. and 4. April 1945 experienced in Nordhausen!

If I do today, 75 Years after the heavy bombing days on Nordhausen write down my own experiences, then with the intention, to preserve and remind future generations of this inferno, that something like that doesn't happen again.

I still remember very well, like me as 13 year old boy on 3. April by the Tennecker company & Summer in the Long Street in a handcart fetched a sack of coal and against 16 O'clock the first bomb attack began. Already arrived on the Frauenberg, I had to find shelter in a house, when bombs detonated in Neustadtstrasse and other places. After the attack I hurried home to Petersberg, looked after my mother, who hugged me and was happy, that nothing had happened to me.

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Sagittarius ass in the last term


Sagittarius ass in the last term. An unvarnished experience report of a 17 year old soldier in the II. World war
Barracks-war-Russian POW 1943-1945 Werner King.

Auch 75 Years after the events continues unabated demand. The author was called to his teaching the Wehrmacht. He describes vividly his experiences, finding new friends and losing comrades. His escape from the Russians, die Verwundung und Überführung in ein Lazarett. His wound and his young age led to probably, that Werner King was spared a long captivity.

Good three years took the printing, not the revision, it was rather the author's short nights, upon it by about 60 Over and over again for years. He has long not talked a lot about his life, but he would write down his experiences and knowledge as a warning, so that never again “children” sent to war and thus to “Sagittarius ass in the last term” will.
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Band 44 Amber series published.

The newly designed cover. The spine remains historically “Yellow”, keep everything in the book shelf at the old.

This time it is 11 Autoren, in the 10 present the results of their essays profound research. The prelude Dr. Hans-Jürgen Reinhardt illuminates a period of his treatise on "The Golden Aue Past and Present" and above 2 Million years ago to the present day.

Extremely popular are treatises on the railway history. This subject is represented twice in the current band. Thus, a board member Paul Lauerwald an outline of "150 years of railways Nordhausen - Erfurt" before. And Reinboth complements the theme with "No ordinary railway line. 150 Years Südharz route Nordhausen - Nordtheim ".

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