Guest Post: A forced marriage Anno 1789

Is in the media today reported much on forced marriages

Which already existed, as the following story shows, well before 200 Years, However, under different circumstances.

In Forsthaus to Paulinzella in Thuringia was John Ludolph Offeney (1726-1799) from 1753 Ordnance and foresters. Whose daughter was on 23.7.1764 baptized in the church in charge of Paulinzella Milbitz at Rottenbach the name Louise Antonia Friederica.

At the 20.4.1790 Johann Gottfried Theosophus was appointed forester in Rothenburg in the forest Princely Schwarzburg Rudolstädtischen Under rule on Kyffhäuser Mountains. (State Archives Rudolstadt, A XVI, 4 e No.. 12) and simultaneously signed a commitment on the performance of its duties and obligations as a forester. He has since had his residence in the forest house above Kelbra. There were, except for the two girls born Paulinzella, further 5 Daughters and 4 Sons of the couple to the world.

20 Years later, year 1784, they begat the hunter named Hickman was dishonorably a maid. It was on 23.5.1785 Milbitz baptized in the name of Sophia Maria Christiana. The whole article you can read on the website of Margit Rambow