Band 44 Amber series published.

The newly designed cover. The spine remains historically „Yellow“, keep everything in the book shelf at the old.

This time it is 11 Autoren, in the 10 present the results of their essays profound research. The prelude Dr. Hans-Jürgen Reinhardt illuminates a period of his treatise on "The Golden Aue Past and Present" and above 2 Million years ago to the present day.

Extremely popular are treatises on the railway history. This subject is represented twice in the current band. Thus, a board member Paul Lauerwald an outline of "150 years of railways Nordhausen - Erfurt" before. And Reinboth complements the theme with "No ordinary railway line. 150 Years Südharz route Nordhausen - Nordtheim ".

Club chairman Hans-Jürgen Grönke has dealt in detail with a training center and its contribution to the Titled “100 Years of Adult Education Center in Nordhausen”.. Extensive documentation from board member and city archivist Dr. Wolfram G. Theilemann deals with “Not completely gone. The 'complete directory' to the registry, Archives and library of the ev. Nicolai community of Nordhausen 1944 (Documentation)“.

Jost-Dieter Rudloff asked the question “Why was Nordhausen a week before the end of the war? 1945 set on fire? Information and considerations”. Prof.. Dr. Jürgen John presents one 2. Part of further results of his research on the Nordhausen informer – "Fall Puttfarcken" 1946 vor. The first part is in 43. Volume of the “Yellow Series” was published.

The two authors Dr. Dieter Weber and Dr. Hans Christoph Rieger has found himself in one 1. Part with the topic “The resurrection of the 'Schlaraffia Nordhusia' 1945 “until its extinction in the 1970s”.. About the “culture of remembrance in the GDR. “A Nordhausen Commission on the History of the Labor Movement” reports Saskia Ziel.

Dr. Wolfram Theilemann speaks out a second time and concludes this year's series of contributions with “Back again. The seal collection of the Nordhausen City Archives is in transition”.

The total 222 Comprehensive pages 44. The volume has been published again in the best quality by the Steffen Iffland Nordhausen publishing house. However, with a changed book cover. This time the otherwise predominant color yellow was omitted. Instead, the front is adorned with a black and white photo and the spine presents some historical seals in color from the Nordhausen collection.

History will once again act as editor- and Antiquities Association and the Nordhausen City Archives. Editorial responsibility lay in the hands of Hans-Jürgen Grönke, Paul Lauerwald, Dr. Marie-Luis Zahradnik and Dr. Wolfram Theilemann.

Many thanks go to the numerous sponsors, who introduce themselves with full-page advertisements in this volume. The publication is now available in the Rose and Hartmann bookstores in Nordhausen and in the Tabakspeicher Museum at a price of 15 Euro erhältlich. Likewise at the history lovers’ club evenings on the second Tuesday of each month.
Hans-Georg Backhaus

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