God makes his hands dirty



  • Taschenbuch: 84 Pages
  • Publishing house: Printing and Publishing Iffland; Auflage: 1 (27. March 2015)
  • Sprache: Deutsch
  • ISBN-10: 3939357251
  • ISBN-13: 978-3939357254
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God makes his hands dirty: read Bible – preached – illustrated

of Publisher Steffen Iffland (Herausgeber), Matthias Hänel (Author)

The book has received numerous positive reviews, A reader gave his impressions as successful again: The book, more specifically, the individual chapters, are like a sermon from Pastor Hänel kept.
This book makes courage and explained the faith simply, indem er alles wesentliche des christlichen Glaubens, in words and pictures (each chapter contains a drawing), succinctly.

For all expect a theological treatise, is not this book recommended.
Where the title already suggests, that this book such a claim does not.
Rather, it would make any reader curious, with the Christian faith
(brand new or profound) too busy, or to the point: to live with Jesus.
The simple, yet theologically sound way, as pastor Hänel about faith, über ein Leben mit Jesus schreibt, is contagious.


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