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Friedrich Froebel's play education today for kindergarten, School and family bound Output in 2 Volumes by Matthias Brodbeck

Introductory words to the book

Hardly any other educator has been and is so strongly associated with early childhood education and upbringing, like Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel. That is not surprising, it was he, which made it clear with the establishment of the first kindergarten, that early childhood is a very meaningful phase in individual development.

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With the Fröbel kindergarten and his work on elementary education, the decisive step was probably made, away from “preservation” and towards institutions, which is the upbringing, Dedicate education and care, did. The influence of Fröbel's pedagogy continues in the field of school education and provides significant impulses for the metaphor of "lifelong learning".

The book by Dr.. Matthias Brodbeck follows the holistic approach in this context, Froebel in his theoretical approach to complex pedagogical processes and his practical work as a pedagogue was always a central concern. In this regard, it is a historical classification, Teaching material and basis for the conceptual design of Froebel facilities in equal measure.

In discussions with practitioners, especially in the field of early childhood education and upbringing, the question of Fröbel-specific additional training geared to the challenge of the present is raised again and again. Taking this wish into account, the Froebel Academy Germany offers a modular Froebel diploma in digital and analog form, which the present (Lehr-) Uses the book as a theoretical basis for knowledge acquisition.

The aim of the postgraduate training is to impart pedagogical and methodological tools to the graduates, to consciously incorporate Froebel's pedagogy into modern education- and to be able to implement the educational landscape. Countless kindergartens in Germany and around the world bear the name "Friedrich Froebel". Following the principle – there, where "Froebel" is in the name of the facility, Froebel also has to think about it, in the course of the day, found in the equipment and of course in the educational work – The opportunity arises on the basis of this book, to formulate conceptual and qualitative requirements for Froebel kindergartens and with corresponding, to underline verifiable criteria. These criteria serve, summarized in a guideline for the evaluation and certification of Froebel kindergartens, of the Froebel Academy in Germany, to certify a corresponding unique selling proposition.

In conclusion, allow, I wish the book many interested readers. Due to its practical relevance, it does not only offer pedagogues the opportunity, to open up new perspectives and training opportunities. It's equally interesting, animating and educational reading for parents, to deal with the daily challenges, in front of which they are presented by their children in our exciting present, to be able to deal better and more purposefully. After all, it is about nothing less, as to preserve the legacy of one of the most remarkable educators in German history and to use and develop his groundbreaking ideas and insights in today's world. Normann Kühn Froebel Academy Germany

ofYouth Social Work Nordhausen e.V. (Herausgeber), Matthias Brodbeck (Author) 


  • Herausgeber: Printing and publishing house Iffland (13. September 2021)
  • Sprache: ‎ Deutsch
  • Hardback edition: ‎ 520 Pages
  • ISBN-10: 393935743X
  • ISBN-13: 978-3939357438

Heeres-Munitionsanstalt Ludwigshall Wolkramshausen


The overall history of the shaft „Ludwigshall“ Wolkramshausen with the explosives disaster in the year 1942 with 145 Fatalities

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At the 29. July 1942 occurred in the underground army ammunition facility Wolkramshausen near Nordhausen in 660 Meters deep, a major explosion, the least 145 most of the forced laborers there had lost their lives.

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In the GDR era only very little information was available about this. Contemporary witnesses did not report; they would have voluntarily revealed it, that they once worked in a secret ammunition factory of the fascist armed forces, in which large-caliber projectile ammunition had been produced in large quantities, the soldiers and civilians of the victorious Allied powers had brought death.

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A contemporary witness report by Heinz Eiling, Jg 1931

In Nordhausen the air raids on Nordhausen were made before these days 75 Years ago, at them 8800 People lost their lives and the city too 75 Percent was destroyed.

I like the 3. and 4. April 1945 experienced in Nordhausen!

If I do today, 75 Years after the heavy bombing days on Nordhausen write down my own experiences, then with the intention, to preserve and remind future generations of this inferno, that something like that doesn't happen again.

I still remember very well, like me as 13 year old boy on 3. April by the Tennecker company & Summer in the Long Street in a handcart fetched a sack of coal and against 16 O'clock the first bomb attack began. Already arrived on the Frauenberg, I had to find shelter in a house, when bombs detonated in Neustadtstrasse and other places. After the attack I hurried home to Petersberg, looked after my mother, who hugged me and was happy, that nothing had happened to me.

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Sagittarius ass in the last term


Sagittarius ass in the last term. An unvarnished experience report of a 17 year old soldier in the II. World war
Barracks-war-Russian POW 1943-1945 Werner King.

Auch 75 Years after the events continues unabated demand. The author was called to his teaching the Wehrmacht. He describes vividly his experiences, finding new friends and losing comrades. His escape from the Russians, die Verwundung und Überführung in ein Lazarett. His wound and his young age led to probably, that Werner King was spared a long captivity.

Good three years took the printing, not the revision, it was rather the author's short nights, upon it by about 60 Over and over again for years. He has long not talked a lot about his life, but he would write down his experiences and knowledge as a warning, so that never again „children“ sent to war and thus to „Sagittarius ass in the last term“ will.
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