Contributions to the History Nordhausen Bd. 46


Herausgeber: Printing and publishing house Iffland; first edition (24. November 2021)
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Onto 300 Pages of Nordhausen's history

Just in time for the start of the pre-Christmas season, the history lovers are presenting the new volume of “Contributions to History from the City and District of Nordhausen”.. It is now 46. Edition of the popular “Yellow Series”, which is again very extensive...

Due to the tense pandemic situation, many lectures on the history of the South Harz had to be canceled again this year. This is unfortunate, as the monthly meetings in the Tabakspeicher always arouse a lot of interest, invite you to exchange and discuss. In order to bridge this difficult time for Nordhausen historical research, The decision was made quickly in the history club, the yellow row for 2021 to be published again with more contributions than usual. And so present this year 17 Authors on over 300 Pages her research into local history in words and pictures.

This year, chairman Hans-Jürgen Grönke is once again starting things off, which deals with its history on the occasion of the club's 150th anniversary. In this second part he sheds light on the time of 1945 to 2021 and provides a review and outlook.

Alexander Hahn, Research assistant at the Nordhausen municipal museums, is dedicated to the Flohburg's numismatic collection with a focus on coins from the ancient world. The coin expert Paul Lauerwald also deals with historical money and gives an overview of the past and present of the Nordhausen Museums' coin collection.

This year the history of two monasteries will also be examined: In her essay, Sandra Maria Gelbe deals with the founding of the Breitenbich monastery and Fritz Reinboth with the Nikolausrode monastery.

With “Northern Thuringia as a focal point of the Franconian imperial aristocracy,” Felix Kruse presents a profound work on the early Middle Ages. Hans Schneider deals with the Augustinian hermit and first Protestant preacher Lorenz Süße, whom he counts as one of the most important personalities in Nordhausen.

The historian Dr. Peter Kuhlbrodt gives an overview of Nordhausen's craft history from the beginning of the 13. Century until the loss of imperial freedom 1802.

Christian Tegtmeier examines the connection between Pustleben and Christian Konrad Wilhelm von Dohm.

Nordhausen in 20. Century is covered by several authors: Vincent Eisfeld shows the city planning of Geiersberg or. Nordhausen-Nord 1940/41 a rather unknown chapter of Nazi settlement policy. Jens Schley gives an interim status on the research project “Nordhausen April 1945: backgrounds, Victim, Memory", which is due to be completed next year. Also with the aftermath of the air raids 1945 deals with Saskia's purpose, which provides a source report on the burials at the Nordhäuser Ehrenfriedhof. With “Institut Nordhausen – A Soviet Secret Project” Werner Steinmetz presents a chapter in the history of the A4 rocket.

Heinz Günther Schmidt goes on a historical shopping trip along Rautenstrasse and shows rare interior photos of the shops sixty years ago. Bernhard Sourell presents the history of the Nordhäuser brickworks and remembers his training and the preservation of the company.

The two authors Dr. Dieter Weber and Hans Christoph Weber present the fourth part of the history of the Cockaigne in Nordhausen.

This year, Dr. Marie-Luis Zahradnik with a workshop report on the documentation and presentation of the Jewish cemetery in Ellrich.

303 Pages strong, with numerous illustrations, This year's edition is one of the most comprehensive. Many thanks go to the numerous sponsors, who introduce themselves with full-page advertisements in this volume.

Of the 46. Volume of “Contributions to the history of the city and district of Nordhausen” (ISBN 9783939357445) from the Steffen Iffland publishing house is now available in bookstores 20,00 Euro erhältlich. As every year, club members receive the book free of charge.
Vincent Eisfeld

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