Froebel's educational valley in Keilhau


Froebel's educational valley in Keilhau | story(n) his school


  • Publisher‏: ‎ Printing and Publishing Iffland (2. May 2023)
  • Sprache: ‎ Deutsch
  • Hardback edition: ‎ 212 Pages
  • ISBN-13: 978-3939357483
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This book gives an insight into Fröbel's pedagogy and the historical background of the place of learning Keilhau. The author uses historical documents and describes the special atmosphere of the "Froebel educational institution" with personal anecdotes and his own thoughts.. In doing so, he shows the importance of 200 Years of knowledge and experience gained for today.
Dr. Matthias Brodbeck, as a friend and companion of our institution, plays a major role in the further conceptual development and maintenance of Friedrich Fröbel's historical legacy at the Keilhau site. It fills us with pride and gratitude, to be able to give this book to a wide readership. On the one hand, it should arouse curiosity, to get to know our school and how it implements Fröbel's ideas. On the other hand, it can remind of an encounter or eventful school days in Keilhau. The book is a tribute to teaching and learning in the community of children, Young people and adults in our "educational valley".

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