The birth of Nordhausen Hospital



  • Editor : ‎ Printing and Publishing Iffland; first edition (24. March 2022)
  • Language : ‎ Deutsch
  • Hardcover : ‎ 132 Pages
  • ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 3939357456
  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-3939357452


This book describes the construction history of the Nordhäuser hospital. The author belonged to the construction commission and reviewed the progress of the construction. Most of the photographs were taken by Gerd Neitzke, who documented the construction photographically.

At the beginning of the book, Steffen Iffland reports on the medical situation in Nordhausen and Dr. with. Manfred Schröter from the development in Ilfeld to the construction of the hospital in Nordhausen.

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Already before 1989 there was an event in our town of Nordhausen, that made history. It helped, to meet the most important health needs of the citizens of Nordhausen and those in the surrounding area, the construction of the century of the new hospital.
This book aims to tell about that, what services are shared by doctors, politicians, economists, designers, engineers, architects, craftsmen and builders, as well as by employees of local companies. This long-awaited wish is now to be fulfilled in this book through research in archives, Memories and ultimately are recorded by an extensive pictorial work. There are hardly any experts left from this time, who have experienced this directly, and be able to document it.
That's why it's important, that such historical events, whatever kind, documented and written down by living contemporary witnesses, to prevent them from being forgotten. Only those who know the story, can also write history. Some former colleagues helped me to compile a lot of data.
I want to thank them for the support.
Gerd Neitzke – Bad Langensalza, Ingo Genzel – Nordhausen, Hans Jörg Schäfer – Nordhausen, Dr. with. Schröter – Nordhausen, Achim Wiegand – Limlingerode, Rolf Waldheim – Sundhausen, Dr. with. dent. Karin Scorl – Nordhausen, Mrs Rice – Nordhausen, Hans-Jürgen Grönke – Nordhausen, Andreas Flämig - Ellrich and others.

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