Historischer Kalender Nordhausen 2019

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Since the year 1999 erscheint der Historische Kalender bei uns im Verlag.

Historical Views of Nordhausen in the form of viewing- and Photo Cards or. historic lithographs presented in this publication. Here you can really call it a huge success, to this publication in no time experienced. The demand for old & views is rare in Nordhausen very large, especially since the historic Old 80 Percent of the bombs (1945) fell victim to.

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Historischer Kalender von Nordhausen 2019, Nordhausen on old views, Yesterday and today. 13 historische Aufnahmen, davon 12 today's view compared and described in detail. So die:
upper main road in the district of salt, the former restaurant at the entrance to the city park with horse trough, Domstraße, the Barfüßerstraße corner Kranichstraße, The Baker Street, the Töpferstraße with Emil Agthe, the preachers street with the old Latin School, the Arnoldstraße, Bahnhofstrasse in the area Nordbrand, the airfield Nordhausen on the kiln, Luther Square with Luther Fountain and the Bahnhofstrasse in the area of ​​the railway station with historic entrance 1927.

is on the title a living drawing from the grain market anno 1825.

Ansichtskarten aus der Sammlung von Harald Ehrhardt.
Texte und Fotos sowie Satz und Druck Verlag Steffen Iffland

ISBN 9783939357315


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