Contributions to the History Nordhausen Bd. 41



  • Hardback edition: 236 Pages
  • about 100 Pictures
  • Publishing house: Printing and Publishing Iffland; Auflage: 1 (1. December 2016)
  • Sprache: Deutsch
  • ISBN-10: 3939357308
  • ISBN-13: 978-3939357308


The Yellow Series / Contributions to the history of the city and county Nordhausen:
41. Band / 2016 Hardback edition

Table of Contents

Markus Wehmer
A Late Bronze Age bone arrowhead
Windeshausen, distr. Nordhausen

Florian Michel
First Germans south of the Harz - Comparison of Funkenburg
with late La Tène sites from the Nordhausen area

Marcus Hellwing
Roman presence in the southern Harz
"Fought not unfavorably against the Germans"

Heidelore Kneffel
"Message of the old rare Bibliothec …“ – The legacy
des Johannes Huter/Pilearius

Carlies Maria Raddatz-Breidbach
Relations of the noble village Großfurra to Nordhausen
from 15. to 17. Century

Paul Lauerwald
Peculiarities of the coinage history of Nordhausen
Hans-Jürgen Grönke

Nordhäuser fuming sulfuric acid
a forgotten branch of production in Nordhausen

Peter Kuhlbrodt
A "tumultuous" border- and hall Moving the free imperial city
Nordhausen 8. October 1715

Klaus Liebenrodt
100 Annual medical plaster- Products from Ilfeld
of 1893 to 1991

Dirk Suckow
The Nordhäuser Stadtbad. Architecture between hygiene, Sport
and service

Marie-Luis Zahradnik
Association of Female Jewish Youth

Leni Arnold
Reconstruction of the destroyed town of Nordhausen.
Desire and reality in the post-war years

Dietrich Quast
History of VEB Hydrogeology
from a well builder's point of view


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