On the trail of Count I, Elger.


With the unassuming title On the trail of Count Elger I Ilfeld 2005 released a publication, the more features are known as the Title. The author has been engaged 40 Years of local history



With the unassuming title „On the trail of Count I of Elger Ilfeld“ is 2005 released a publication, the more features are known as the Title. The author has been engaged 40 Years of local history, and is even in the ground state conservationist for the range of castles to Neustadt / Herrmannsacker.
In his present book, here he shares his notes in 2 Share.

The first part of: Prehistory, with differing views of the local historian, Kostner said here pursues five points:

  • 1. Was the family seat of the Earl Ilfelder Bielstein in Gottestal
  • 2. Was the Ilfelder Burgberg the Bielstein, where the idol statue of Biel has confessed?
  • 3. The opinions of the chroniclers time Fuchs and Johann Gottfried Hoche: Linder was Konrad von Beck Bielstein Elgers the father of Ilfeld? With a 4.Rückblick to the family of the Counts of Ludowinger and Northeim.
  • 4. Konrad was the father of Bilstein from Hesse Elgers of Ilfeld? (An examination of the sex of those Meissner Bilstein from the Werra district with the castle Bilstein Wellingerode)

In the 2nd part is concerned with the following Köstner 11 Points:

  • 1. The origin of the county Ilfeld
  • 2. The eternal light (lux aeterna), the oldest symbol in Ilfeld
  • 3. The origin of the resin county Honstein, with a consideration of fortification Peace Country
  • 4. The two resin castles above the brownstone house in Ilfeld
  • 5. The High Stieg
  • 6. The Landgrave of Thuringia let build the Ebersburg
  • 7. Monastery founded Ilfeld 1189
  • 8. The descendants Elgers II.
  • 9. The inheritance disputes in 1201 (Elger between Count III and the sons of his
  • 10. deceased brother Friedrich von Honstein)
  • 11. The Heinrichsburg

Finally, follow:

the genealogy of the Counts of Ilfeld and honing stone in the first generations
the genealogy of the Counts of Stolberg in the first generations


Feature of this work, Kostner that sex while the origin of the Counts of Stolberg derives not from the Counts of Hohenstein Südharzer but from another, but they read it themselves.


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