Report of an abused child by Regina Horn

children, who are abused, and also from their own parents, close up, can't do it on their own, to escape from this hell. This little child's soul breaks.
They often remain silent their whole lives and are ashamed of what has been done to them. It is not uncommon for them to be accompanied by psychological problems throughout their lives. you need help.
The perpetrator-victim structure is always the same. You can recognize them.
I succeeded, to talk about it and to work through what happened. With my experience report I would like to give an insight into such a family.
Still, I managed to do it when I was a teenager, to rid myself of my tormentor, my experiences influence my further life – and that to this day.
Heavy blows of fate, like the death of two of my four sons, I was only able to do this with the help of my close circle of friends, cope with my sons and my wife Silvi. You are my rock.

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Report of an abused child by Regina Horn

Sexual abuse of children and young people repeatedly makes headlines. It's so common in this country, like the common disease type diabetes 2. The numbers prove that, the scientists at the Ulm University Clinic led by Prof. Jörg Fegert in spring 2016 have published. Many sufferers are afraid, to confide in others or to get help from organizations and institutions. You feel guilty about this, what happened – and suffer silently.
A fatal dilemma – which the perpetrators take advantage of.

Regina Horn, Born on the 26. December 1953, White, what she's talking about, when she talks about physical and mental abuse and sexual abuse. She experienced it first hand – from an early age. Had to experience, how violence and abuse continue to affect their lives to this day.
And they almost cost their lives - not just once.
On the following pages she talks about her “life, that wasn't". She didn't dare until she was 45, to share their experiences with a broader public. Today it is important to her, to encourage those affected, to seek help and to find a way out of the apparent hopelessness. And she proves: "Life can still be beautiful again."


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