Contributions to the History Nordhausen Bd. 45



  • Herausgeber : Nordhäuser history- and Antiquity Association (10. December 2020)
  • Sprache: : Deutsch
  • Hardback edition : 352 Pages
  • ISBN-10: 3939357413
  • ISBN-13: 978-3939357414

About 21 Contributions will be published in this special edition. This has never happened before! And so the book has a page size of 352 Pages set a record in the yellow row.


Foreword by the editors
Year 2020 there were many nationwide, regional and local anniversaries, but also a profound event in the present, that touched everyone without exception. The "Corona"- SARS-CoV-2 – Virus pandemic all habits worldwide and of course also in Nordhausen and in the southern Harz have been turned upside down.
This also affected the 150th anniversary of Nordhausen's history- and Altertumsvereins e.V. Instead of monthly club meetings and the organization of a festive event on the occasion of the club's anniversary, the club had to limit itself to media opportunities:
A new website, Sending newsletters / circulars, A newly designed volume from the traditional 'Yellow Series' and a prize competition for young people interested in history on the history of the imperial city, together with a special exhibition at the beginning of the 800th anniversary celebrations of Nordhausen's imperial city development, formed the basis for the association's activities in everyday life during the pandemic. The increased use of the media did not bring club life to a standstill, even promoted the development of the digital presence, but the association is alive - like historical research – from the exchange. Until it is possible again, to meet at events, the association's work will be continued in the alternative forms.

However, this does not affect the publication of the "contributions", because people always read. She appears 2020 in a new guise, And this year she has a particularly colorful bouquet of articles that are well worth reading. This was made possible by the authors and the cooperation agreement with the city administration of Nordhausen. This secures the publication of the series financially in the medium term and provides sustainable support for historical discussion and research in the city and district.
With best wishes for your health and with hope, To discuss history together again soon, in order to lead the association into the future, stay true to us!

I hope you will enjoy reading and interest
Your board of directors


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