History of the village of Clettenberg [Klettenberg] 1837


Contributions to the history of the village of Clettenberg in the county of Honstein, Administrative district of Erfurt, district of Nordhausen

collected, edited and written 1837 von August Friedrich Gottfried Wernicke
current pastor of the named place

(processed 2020 by Karl Schmidt, Klettenberg)

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Foreword to this chronicle.
By the time, when our fatherland was still divided, existed for the residents of Klettenberg, who fled to the West, the need, to maintain contact with home. That's how the wish came about, the church chronicle of Klettenberg, the once 1837 by August Friedrich Gottfried Wernicke, to receive a copy. The wish was granted. Sup. Pastor Robert Treutler obtained the copy and sent it to Einbeck. After all, this was not entirely safe for the times.

Dr. Karl Schmidt from Achim asked me 1991, to transfer the copies from the handwritten notes into legible text. I set myself this task first from Börßum and then from Walkenried. Due to long interruptions is in the course of the last 30 Years with the help of many others the transfer of the Klettenberg church chronicle emerged.

We made every effort, to decipher the handwritten text and ask for your understanding, if reading is a little exhausting for him. Pastor Wernicke is a child of his time, heeded the style and language of the late Enlightenment, works with abbreviations and occasionally assumes things, that today's reader can no longer understand. So there are sometimes difficulties in understanding.

His successors have until the middle of the 20. Century continued the church chronicle, but by no means applied the diligence, that Pastor Wernicke used when preparing the chronicle with a view to the local history and description of the place. Ja, you have to say it, there are also gaps. As far as we can, we tried, to do justice to the respective authors and only very cautiously to make corrections.

We wish the readers a lot of fun reading the book, gain an insight into the history of Klettenberg, not only of church life, but e.g. who lived in which house or what notable events have happened in Klettenberg over the past centuries. It should be noted, that the parish in Klettenberg also includes the branch parishes of Branderode and Neuhof (to 1850) counting, so that we also receive news from these places.
Christian Tegtmeier, Pastor

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