Hiking through Europe without or with a walking stick



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That's how it all started

My active hiking time began on 25. April 1989 and also with an anecdote. The train took me from Sondershausen to Kleinfurra, Nordhausen district. From the train station my route led up to the town of Straußberg/Hain-leite. It was a sunny Sunday. Arrived at the top of town, I turned east, to hike back to Sondershausen on the Hainleite ridge path. I came to town 2 towards girls, possibly 6 – 7 year old. So 10 m away from them, they shouted after me, “Backpack Grandpa, Rucksackopa"! I spontaneously turned around and shouted at them: “But you’re lucky, I am one!“They were so shocked at that moment, that they ran away in haste.

Since the 13th century. April 1989 I was the happy grandfather of a sweet Victoria from my daughter Kerstin. At that time I still drove into Pit V of the potash plant almost every day as a climber. A free shift on a Saturday in early September 1989 offered me one for that day, to undertake my first hike in the Bodetal.

Through stories from my mother, the 1975 I once spent a 14-day FDGB holiday in Treseburg and through brochures, which she had acquired, piqued my interest, also to hike in the Bodetal, because it is very attractive. But until now there wasn't enough time due to work and family.

On Friday after the morning shift, a visit to the company dentist was planned. A hole in the tooth had to be closed again.

At that time, even today, Friday is my sauna day. Furthermore, on this day there was always minced meat with lots of garlic for dinner. The reason – I go hiking alone or you accept it. Now, dinner was almost eaten, Then there was a crack in the mouth and the seal came out again. Someone hadn't cut out the meat properly and a bone was left hanging, which, of all things, was in my minced meat.

Therefore the next morning was already 7:30 Another visit to the dentist is necessary to have the seal renewed. The hike should start on time! After the treatment she said to me: “Please arrange the next appointment with my colleague!“ ….

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